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Angular Momentum

Episode 5: Inflection Point

Raul peered out at Roxanne and marveled at how much Time had changed both of them. Here he was, an agent of the Associated Fleet’s Intel Corps and she, with little doubt, was a member of the cyber terror cadre his superiors had labeled “The Enemy.” CONTINUE READING

Angular Momentum

Episode 4: Negative Spin

All through mission training, which was carried out onboard a military cruiser disguised as a standard commercial vessel, Raul wore himself out, trying to devise an escape plan. Trouble was, everyone else on the seven-member drop team was as intellectually gifted as he was - and would notice any hint of subterfuge.  CONTINUE READING

Angular Momentum

Episode 3: Turbulence

Raul’s eyes fluttered open from a tortured sleep for the fifth morning in a row. The nightmares, he’d been told, should have ceased by now. But just as before, his tired mind had been bombarded by a tidal wave of data from every angle. Once again, he was forced to wonder if the GenMod team had pushed his mental development too far.  CONTINUE READING

Angular Momentum

Episode 2: New Trajectory

The lander that took Raul from the detention center on Kaligir 3 to a military transport about ten AU away wasn’t what he’d expected. Considering that Fiona Marsh had represented herself as a human rights attorney, he’d expected the ship to be a commercial or private vessel. Instead, it was unabashedly military, down to the insignia hovering over every bulkhead entrance.  CONTINUE READING

Angular Momentum

Episode 1: Torque Applied

One hot summer night on a remote island on Kaligir 3, Raul Wexler was awakened by a terrible row. A twenty-three-year-old hotel steward, Raul couldn’t imagine what had made him the target of so much shouting. A recent arrival, he’d enjoyed a peaceful life so far: a steady paycheck, modest quarters and a chance to watch the idle rich play at a major resort.

But here was this violent commotion, complete with the chilling phrase “Sector Enforcement.”  CONTINUE READING


Episode 8: Risky Venture

“It is not as you imagine,” said the Serlatian in Bleenor’s mind. “We cannot carry out our offensive without revealing our position and risking millions of lives. You two, however, are already known to the Alornoz and have less to lose.”  CONTINUE READING


Episode 7: Hearing Voices

Bleenor scrambled to say something, before the telepathic symbiote detected his thoughts about the pulsating orange globe.  CONTINUE READING


Episode 6: On Serlat 3

The trip to the metaversal parallel of Serlat 3 was easily the most tense time in the two insectouds’ lives. Instead of indulging in wise-cracking banter, they were forced into sullen silence. There was no escaping the thought that this flight was merely a detour on their way to mental oblivion. CONTINUE READING


Episode 5: Brain Migration

The waylaid cargo vessel, Shiny Nova, sped along the arbitrary trajectory its navigator had set in a moment of panic. Alone in his quarters, Bleenor wondered what to do about the ship’s unwanted passenger, CONTINUE READING


Episode 4: Narrow Escape

Zevdra felt as if her head were exploding. She couldn’t decide what was worse: The truth about Bleenor’s crush on her — or the fact that she’d learned about it from a servicebot. CONTINUE READING


Episode 3: Danger Within

“How could a human know ancient Veratrese?” asked Zevdra. “I ... well, I don’t even know it.”

“Different universe, Captain,” said Bleenor. “We’re lucky there are at least a few parallels. Otherwise, we’d have no way to get oriented.” CONTINUE READING


Episode 2: Metaversal Reversal

The startled silence that filled the bridge was broken by a staticky comlink transmission.

“Unidentified vessel,” said a weary voice, “Mayday, mayday. Life support failing.” CONTINUE READING


Episode 1: A Slight Detour

As usual, by the time Zevdra settled into the Captain’s chair, the launch codes still weren’t loaded into the nav console. But the real problem was Company Policy. Though Zevdra knew those codes by heart, only the Navigator was authorized to enter them.



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