A Sci-fi/Noir Novella

In the teeming metropolis of Kuzdrohna, Detective Rolkahr Dholztra handles the usual run of petty crime, murder and mayhem without batting a multifaceted eye. Lately, however, his biggest concern is a growing pest problem.

On a planet inhabited by sentient insectoids, the fifty thousand survivors of a failed human invasion have no regard for the law. Abandoned by their own commanders in a last-minute retreat, the humans survive by scavenging and theft. From random acts of vandalism to meticulously planned heists, theyíve become a major social issue.

But after a massive explosion demolishes an entire city block, itís clear this ragged band of ex-commandos is under new leadership. As SWARM and the HCBI gear up for a counter-offensive, the involvement of the lizard-like Belanthrese raises the spector of interplanetary war.

Soon Rolkahrís dogged pursuit of the case lands him in the middle of a vast political conspiracy, led by a cult-like leader. As a menacing Belanthrese fleet attacks, can the wily detective flip the script — and make a tyrantís strength his own worst enemy?

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1. Those Pesky Humans 5. First Rule of Tyranny? Do the Myth
2. Upping the Ante 6. Making a beeline for danger
3. A Stinging Rebuke 7. Hive of Evil
4. A New World Order? 8. Fighting Nano Š Nano