Journeys to Future Worlds

In this thought-provoking collection of short fiction, you will meet aliens from all sectors of space-time.

From insectoids to floraoids, to beings who live outside of Time, each alien group has a different perspective on that gaggle of ape-descended bipeds who hail from an incongruously named planet. You’ll discover fascinating beings who are repulsed by human arrogance, opposed to human bias and perplexed by human barbarity.

You’ll also meet aliens surprised to find a core of integrity embedded in the flawed human psyche. Here are tales of alien encounters — where the real aliens are us and the universe is watching for signs of intelligent life on Earth.

From "Respect," in which a species of sentient vine highlights the folly of a narrow worldview, to "Granular," in which a young genius discovers a moral universe no pat equations can describe, these tales of future worlds will take you on a mind-expanding exploration of what it means to be human.

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