Cohort Leader of the Quishiks. The Ootray created the Quishiks, by modifying the genome of a docile mammalian species. Tragically, the Quishiks were infected by a slow-evolving virus early on in their development.

Over the following millennium, the virus distorted the Quishiks’ genome. They went from docile to destructive. A late-night Quishik raid on an isolated Ootray colony left only a few whimpering survivors, who showed no signs of intelligence. For the Quishiks now fed directly on mental energy.

From then on, they used their virus-enhanced minds to calculate cause-and-effect relationships with unerring precision. Connected to all of history by existing outside of Time, they manipulated events in the past to achieve any outcome they desired. Though nearly unbeatable in battle, the Ootray eventually lured the Quishiks into a network of entangled event horizons.

As Probability Shadow opens, Plaandrur has manipulated cosmic events to create a weakness in the Fremdel event horizon. This enables the Quishiks to emerge only a few hundred thousand kilometers from the Bledraun system.

Inside the Ootray
Meet an unseen android who wields life-changing power over the worlds of Probability Shadow:

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