Ootray female

Explore the scifi worlds of Probability Shadow, by Mark Laporta. Discover a rich interstellar culture, whose bright future is forever shaded by its dark past.


An ancient, vanished species that lives on, outside of Time. They developed interstellar travel and a galactic civilization thousands of years before nearly every other sentient species in the settled universe. Now, their intriguing ruins dot the surfaces of many worlds. Some of these have since been claimed as colonies of the Terran Protectorate. A humanoid species, their appearance is still markedly different from the descendants of Earth. Tall, slender, with elongated skulls and delicate features. they favor highly ornate clothing, accessorized with fine jewelry of an intricate design.

Over thousands of years, the Ootray mastered every branch of science and technology and reached great heights of artistic achievement. At the time of Probability Shadow, however, they are most widely known as the creators of the Quishiks. When the latter mutated into a murderous cohort, the Ootray, refused to destroy them. The Ootray’s obsession with the universal rights of every living species forbade them from taking decisive action.

Instead, they confined the Quishiks to a multidimensional prison. Soon after, they converted themselves into metadigital information and set off for remote regions of space-time, to inhabit a zone consisting of pure energy.

Inside the Ootray
Meet the shadowy figures who, though unseen, have created the underlying conditions for the drama about to erupt across the settled universe.

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