An AI left behind by the Ootray on Bledraun, in an underground city, accessible by a network of tunnels. Her mission is to monitor the nearby Fremdel event horizon, in case the Quishiks escape from their multidimensional prison.

She has no physical form, but appears as a holographic image, adapted to the moment. In addition to functioning as a sentinel, Dlalamphrur cares for the Dralein, whenever the sceraum sends them scurrying into the tunnels for protection.

Eventually, Ungent Draaf enters these same tunnels to avoid capture, during a bloody war between the humans of the Terran Protectorate and the androids of the ANN Commission.

Dlalamphrur greets him in the perfect likeness of a Grashardi female and solicits his help to keep the Quishiks in check. She is also responsible for luring Cricket Andersen to abandon her post on the Mighty Fortress and make a perilous, high-speed journey to the same, hidden Ootray city. Under Dlalamphrur’s instruction, Cricket and Ungent team up for a risky mission of whose success is far from guaranteed.

Inside the Ootray
Meet the Quishik Cohort Leader whose unmatched ferocity strikes terror in the hearts of every snetient being.

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