Explore the scifi worlds of Probability Shadow, by Mark Laporta. Discover a rich interstellar culture, whose bright future is forever shaded by its dark past.


The government of the symbiotes, a far-flung diaspora of intelligent parasites. The species began as a type of ground slug with a habit of seeking shelter in the bodies of other species. Over the eons, the process became a model of evolutionary refinement.

A retractable, razor-sharp ridge on the symbiotes’ belly exudes a mix of powerful anesthetics and analgesics, secreted from glands in their bulbous, sack-like bodies. To seal the incisions they make to enter and exit their hosts, the symbiotes use a slurry of stem cells and growth factors derived by stimulating their host’s endocrine system. These complementary processes enable a symbiote to slip in and out of their hosts’ necks with ease.

Throughout history, the Kaldex, as they refer to themselves, have advanced by amassing data, technology and methodologies from every other sentient species. That has enabled them to remain aloof from interstellar society and beyond the reach of interstellar law.

Reviled for their practice of forced assimilation, they are persecuted, especially by the humans. Highly intelligent, ever watchful, the symbiotes were the first to detect an earlier, yet temporary emergence of the Quishiks ten years before events recounted in Probability Shadow.

Inside the Kaldex Assumbly
Meet the wily head of symbiote StealthOps, whose machinations underlie almost every major occurrence in Probability Shadow

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