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The dominant life forms in the Bledraun system are the Dralein. Their evolutionary ancestors were analogous to terrestrial tunneling rodents. Taller and broader than most other sentients, they have rounded ears and are covered with fur, which ranges in color through several shades of brown and gray.

Thoughtful, sensitive and slow to action, their most distinguishing feature is the sceraum. A mysterious process of mental molting, that occurs approximately every couple of centuries, the sceraum is initially incapacitating. Immediately following the onset of this condition, the Dralein become feral and nearly helpless. They seek shelter underground in a system of tunnels they claim to know nothing about.

Eventually, the Ootray rebuilt this crude refuge into a hidden city, as a defensive base from which to monitor the Quishiks. They created Dlalamphrur, an AI, to look after the Dralein during the sceraum which she continues to do, five thousand years after the Ootray have vanished.

Though the Dralein were slow to develop space-faring technology, preferring to import ships from other worlds, they eventually established a colony on Seldra, their second of three moons. Over the following five hundred years, the Seldran’s subterranean culture diverged from that of their homeworld. Less bound by tradition, they have tinkered with their own genome to produce brighter shades of fur. They have also sought to harness the reconstructive powers of the sceraum, in a kind of guided evolution more suited to their outlook and societal needs.

Inside the Bledraun System
Meet the thoughtful, passifist leaders of a quiet planetary system that is mercilessly thrust into interstellar conflict.

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