Explore the scifi worlds of Probability Shadow, by Mark Laporta. Discover a rich interstellar culture, whose bright future is forever shaded by its dark past.


A planet several parsecs from Reagan 3, the seat of the Terran Protectorate, Grashard is ruled by a species of sentient crustaceans. Its world-governing body is the Grashard Sidereal Caucus, which seeks to build social equity for all citizens. The Caucus recognizes that promoting peace and prosperity is also the most effective way to create a thriving, environmentally sustainable economy, on its homeworld as well as on a handful of colony worlds.

A Philosopthical Outlook
The average Grashardi is highly educated and takes pride in self-discipline and hard work. Grashardis know the joy of working toward the common good, while at the same time celebrating individuality and innovative thinking. To help achieve this balanced worldview, they draw heavily from ancient philosophical traditions. Their worldview is also enlivened by a rich trove of folk mythology, dating back to their earliest settlements.

An Alternative Voice
At the time of Probability Shadow, Grashard has reached a new peak of technological advances and manufacturing knowhow. With the development of their own, home-grown space-folding ships, they now offer an alternative to the Terran Protectorate, for under developed worlds that are just now entering the interstellar marketplace. Instead of threats, intimidation, leading to annexation, the Grashardi negotiate trade relationships that respect local traditions, encourage sustainable growth and promote enriching cultural exchanges.

Inside the Grashard Sidereal Caucus
Meet the mismatched friends whose unspoken bond and dedication makes them a force to reckon with in Probability Shadow

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