Chief navigator for the Terran Protectorate probe ship Mighty Fortress. Her mission is to assist in the study of the Fremdel event horizon, in the vicinity of the Bledraun system. A twenty-something only a year or two out of flight training, who just barely meets the height requirements for military service. Sharp-witted, highly competent.

She hails from Capernaum, an upscale human colony world, only a few light years away from Earth itself. Her parents were professional horse-breeders and she remembers farm life fondly. But by age twelve, she was already looking to the stars. When her prowess in mathematics earned her a scholarship to an accelerated high school program in astronomy, it was an easy stepping stone to the Fleet Academy on Reagan 3.

As the action heats up on Bledraun, she is enticed to go AWOL by an unseen AI operating beneath the surface of the planet. After a risky journey across thousands of kilometers at high speed in a stolen lander, she descends into the tunnels under Bledraun. There, the AI assigns her a role in a critical mission that will determine the fate of the settled universe.

Inside the Terran Protectorate
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