A consortium of machine minds with total control of data flow within the Terran Protectorate. They use their command of data to blackmail public officials and get the policies they want. When an intergalactic shortage of rare minerals occurs, they know their existence as AI depend on controlling one of the last remaining mineral repositories, on Bledraun.

In order to overpower the Dralein and take over their mining operations, the ANN Commission designs and builds a device that artificially induces the sceraum in the Dralein, which renders them helpless. The device is in the form of a bracelet that emits high-intensity Theta waves. It is this "bracelet" that Shol unwittingly picked up as a delivery for his crime boss, Ulandroz

The ANN Commission gets into a brutal ground and space battle with the rest of the Terran Protectorate over the minerals. The androids are eventually stopped by the Quishiks. Too many dead humans represent too great a reduction in an essential Quishik feeding stock.

Inside the Terran Protectorate
Meet the fleet officers, administration and artificial intelligences who help shape the action in Probability Shadow:

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